• Gaming Lookalikes

    Heres a fun article to check out from tech and gadget section.

    Half-Life's silent hero Gordon Freeman bears more than a passing resemblance to Eric Clapton…

    An obvious choice, perhaps: Rhona Mitra was an official Lara Croft lookalike, after all - though it's a tough call between her and Angelina Jolie of the Tomb Raider flicks.

    Sam Fisher of the Splinter Cell games is a dead ringer for George Clooney in the right light (and the right camo gear).

    Two blonds fond of archery and green clothing: it's Legolas rather than Orlando Bloom who resembles Link, to be fair...

    Joanna Dark of the Perfect Dark games might well have been inspired by Milla Jovovich as Leeloo in the Fifth Element.

    Andrew Sachs (Manuel of Fawlty Towers, that is) could pass for Mario at a pinch.

    It's all about the hair: Leon S. Kennedy of Resident Evil 4 versus David Bowie.

    Max Payne has a touch of Michael Madsen about him. It remains to be seen whether Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg will do quite as well in the title role of the upcoming Max Payne movie.

  • GTA - 5 Min install

    Microsoft has fired out on an email taking a cheap shot at the reported five minute install time on the PlayStation 3 version of GTA IV.

    "With the OXM review hitting streets today, and your own preview impressions which are looking great, hopefully you'll all be a bit wiser as to the ins and outs of GTA IV now.

    I'm sure you've all seen the chatter from the 1up GTA IV Preview on the PS3 install time....just a few thoughts on what you could do in this time if you were actually playing the 360 version from the moment you insert the disc....

    Steal your first dozen or so cars and test out the improved vehicle handling?
    Check out the cool features on your mobile phone?
    Rack up a 5 Star Wanted Rating?
    Have a blast of your first MP game on Xbox LIVE?
    Ditch the tracksuit chic and buy some new clothes?
    Unlock your first GTA IV Achievement and boost your Gamerscore?

    ....Or just start downloading a film from Xbox LIVE Video Store to watch later - check out the latest batch of arrivals this weekend!"



  • Xbox Live Down

    Just a heads up to say XBOX Live will be down tomorrow from 10am till 6am GMT. Microsoft have said "There will be no immediate or noticeable changes to the interface or services for Xbox Live or the Xbox 360." This follows after they released an update which will help the future growth of the Xbox. My guess is they are getting ready for the storm that is GTA IV.


  • Gaming - GTA IV Goes Gold


    An announcement from Take Two confirmed that Grand Theft Auto IV has "gone gold" with production in full swing.

    Today also has its fair share of GTA IV perks. Lazlow Jones -- a lead writer, radio host, and long-time fan favourite who has been responsible for much of the dialogue and content found within most Grand Theft Auto titles -- appeared on the Opie and Anthony show earlier today to discuss his role in the development of Grand Theft Auto IV. While he touches on much of what we already know, he also goes into more detail on subjects that haven't received as much blatant coverage (including the downloadable content for Xbox and Rockstar North's inevitable "one month vacation" after GTA IV's release).

    Here's a summary of some of the info that Lazlow covered on the show:

    * There are over 100 radio commercials in the game.

    * Announcements on the subway system will randomly alert you of spontaneous police harassment, security checks and searches.

    * The faux-beer brand "Piswasser" takes a jab at Budweiser, including a radio commercial sung by Anthony himself.

    * GTA IV's in-game internet is ridiculously extensive, featuring spoofs of liberal and conservative news sources with coverage of your in-game antics, as well as spoofs popular blogs and websites (craigslist, for example). Irritating pop-up banner ads also make an appearance.

    * Niko can hook up with a wide range of girls via dating websites.

    * Injuries mean much more in GTA IV. When Niko gets shot in the leg, for example, he'll begin to bleed and limp.

    * Recording sessions for dialogue and in-game audio went on for ten hours a day, five days a week. The entire process took weeks to finish.

    * Rockstar employees have been working overtime and well into the weekends to complete the game.

    * Between the Xbox 360 version of the game and the PS3 version, Lazlow admits that he prefers the 360 version thanks to the downloadable content; new missions, new characters, new comedy, etc.


  • Gaming - Fallout 3 worldwide release


    Releasing worldwide on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, the special edition of the post-apocalyptic RPG comes in a metal Vault-Tec lunch box and includes a five-inch Vault-Tec Vault Boy Bobblehead, a hardcover art book and making of DVD. And the game, obviously.

    And that's exactly the details we had on Monday for what the Collector's Edition contains.

    "We're very excited about this collector's edition and believe it truly offers gamers an amazing mix of unique items from the Fallout universe, combined with a great behind-the-scenes look at what goes into developing such an immense title," Vlatko Andonov, president of Bethesda has enthused.

    The developer has yet to confirm a release date for Fallout 3, only saying that it'll be out this autumn.


  • Gaming - PS3 Laptop

    Ben Heck is one hell of a guy!

    After creating the Xbox 360 laptop and the Nintendo Wii laptop he has gone and made the Playstation 3 laptop !



    * Original backwards compatible 60GB model
    * 17-inch LCD HDTV screen: 720p
    * HDMI-DVI connection (same as last Xbox 360 laptop)
    * Built-in keyboard, USB ports, stereo speakers, headphone jack
    * Size: 17 x 13.75 x 3-inches
    * Weight: 16 pounds!

    And incase you didnt see his 360 and Wii projects


  • Gaming - Microsoft and Sony patent Wii-like controller

    Back in 2007, we had to publish a news article during the Christmas holidays to let you know that the sketches of a supposed motion sensing controller for the Xbox 360 were false. We told you at that time that we’ll reveal further info on Microsoft’s plans for a next-generation controller, but since our insiders would be in jeopardy, we decided to wait until more info was public.

    We are finally able to talk more about what we know after a patent application for a gyroscopic-based input device by Microsoft has been published on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

    Described as a “computer pointing device (generally a mouse but alternatively a game controller or remote control device) that may be worn on the hand and operated without needing to contact a (mousing) surface,” this patent was filed back in 2006.

    We were told that the motion sensing controller that Microsoft was researching had the functionality of both the Nintendo Wii Remote and the Nunchuk packed into a single device, with a shape that is neither that of a banana, nor a remote controller, but more like a “pistol grip.” On top, it is supposed to have an analog stick (that could be replaced by a trackball) surrounded by the four action buttons.


    We know that Microsoft has been doing R&D on this device (as well as next-generation vision-based recognition) for the past two years and that’s why (and not because we are teamplaystation) we reported this patent application by Sony:


    As you can see, we were very surprised when we saw Sony’s patent as it looked similar to the Microsoft controller revealed to us. We couldn’t tell you about the Microsoft controller at that time, but we could certainly report Sony’s invention.


  • Gaming - Call of Duty 4 Sets Record

    The recently released map pack for Call of Duty 4 has smashed the previous record set by the giant that is Halo 3. Over a million downloads since it was released on april the 9th.

    "Infinity Ward is extremely grateful for support from our loyal Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare community around the world," says Rob 'community chap' Bowling. "From the beginning, we were committed to do our best and that continues now with the Variety Map Pack. We can't wait to get back online with everyone."

    You can grab the COD4 map pack on xbox live if you havent done so already for 800 points. Playstation owners can get there hands on the pack on May 1st while pc gamers have to wait a little longer.


  • Gaming - 10 Days Left


    Looks like Rockstar have done it again, the latest reviews giving GTA IV a very nice 10/10

    => Read more!

  • Gaming - Medal of Honour Airborne Demo

    EA have released the demo for both PC and Xbox 360. I have yet to have a shot but im sure its going to be pretty fun. Grab your copy now!


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